I started to use a CPE-2 some years ago with a MultiTank 5 (2553). I have used it only for 120 film and 4x5".
The reels for 120 I use takes 2 rolls and the tank up to 6 films; with the special reels for 4x5" it takes up to 12 sheets.
The CPE has 2 speeds. I have used Tetenal C-41, and I started to develop at the fast speed at 38C (as normally recommended as far as I understand.No doubt with this method I got overdeveloped edges of the 120 films; the rotating process isn't optimal agitation, more effective agitaion at the edges of these reels, in my experience - heard that others also had this problem with the rotating method.
I changed method and now I develop att the lower speed at 30C (roughly some 10 minutes), BUT each minute I release the thank from the machine and agitate the usual way by inverting the tank several times, then back to the rotating process. The result is, as far as I can judge, very good, perfect.
I don't make colour prints, just scanning and no problem getting easy editing scans from these negs.
Having a good digital thermometer and no problems with controling the temperatur, though during the devloping I use to make the water move around now and then.
Using the CPE this way makes it very easy to develop my colour films.
At least this is my experience with the Jobo CPE-2.