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Im in the USA, interested in landscapes mostly ,would like to go 8x10 but need to save up.
So prob be an 8x10 field camera with 150mm or shorter lens.

The diagonal for the 8x10 format is about 325mm, so the 150mm on 8x10 is going to be extraordinarily wide, and to cover the format with some movement (i.e. excess coverage for tilts and swings) somewhat limited in availability, and potentially breathtakingly expensive.

A standard 150mm lens (e.g. Symmar, Sironar, Nikkor W, etc.) that covers 4x5 (approx. 160mm diagonal) will of course not cover 8x10.

I do not know what your constraints are with respect to cost, but you might want to do much more research before you start looking at a 150mm lens and put your money down.

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