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What you need then is a simple plastic lens that will mount on a good quality camera. Lots of the large format folks are using simple plastic meniscus lenses with really interesting results. Shouldn't be too hard to cobble something together inside the gutted barrel of and old lens.
Good idea, Roger. Actually, I've done some meniscus lens photography on LF, using glass lenses or adapted multi-element lenses like binocular objectives and such, using mainly paper negatives. Lots of fun.

But the appeal to me of these small plastic Lomo cameras is their simplicity, cost and use of multi-exposure rollfilm, for uses like street and documentary photography. Think a film version of Instagram or similar iPhone-style camera app. There are some interesting newer Lomo cameras on the market, like the La Sardina line, metal bodied that look like old sardine cans, with a collapsible lens, and come in various decor. Would make a nice carry-around street shooter with fast film. But once again, exposure control is very limited. You'd think Lomo should come out with an accessory pack of ND filters for all of these cameras. After all, selling accessory goo-gaas and film is part of their branding strategy. Hmm, maybe I should contact them about that idea.