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You need a few of these:

Adorama has them as should B&H. Search for "multi clip," they're about $8.

You clip one part to some part of your camera and the other clip holds a piece of coroplast, or a darkslide. I have all kinds of options at work for cutting light off the lens and 90% of the time I just use one or two of these. They're even better if you prepare a couple pieces of coroplast by threading some heavy copper or aluminum wire through the corrugations at 2 or 3 places. That lets you bend the coroplast and have it stay put in addition to placing it where you want it in the double clip.
Know what, I think my school has some of these sitting around somewhere. I never had any idea what they were for, as I am the last LF format photographer in the program and much of the equipment just gets misplaced and ends up sitting in a desk or a closet doing nothing. Thanks!