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I think what Kodak is about is something including the brand, which in the film world is still quite an asset.

I think they are looking for somebody who buys the Kodak brand and cares about all the marketing and distribution both as Kodak Portra, Ektar etc. and, in addition to that, to whomever else wants to license the product and sell it under their own brand, i.e. firms like Agfaphoto, or distribution chains, shops etc. like Freestyle, and maybe people like Ilford or Adox who could leverage their distribution network but would not want embark in the big business of the Kodak brand.

They would keep the production, and therefore the quality, under control and so they would run no reputation risk in selling the Kodak brand for still film while maintaining full operation for the Kodak motion picture film.
Who wants to buy into a business that has a single supplier? A supplier that is literally on death's door? Seems suicidal to me.