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All 110 film, even the old rolls, were pre-flashed.
But how could it be possible then that some camera generated 13 x 17 mm and some others 13 x 19 mm? (I must have read this somewhere).

Also that means that Lomography created a 110 square frame cartridge which is not compatible, if I get it right, with all the 110 cameras already existing.

If they had produced a "non pre-flashed" 100 cartridge the same cartridge would work on all cameras.

Thinking about it, this has to do with the "registration pin".

If a 13 x 17 mm camera mounts a 13 x 13 110 cartridge, and it uses the "registration pin" for film advance, the result is going to be a disaster in any case because a 13 x 13 110 cartridge will have its registration pins at a distance slightly above 13mm while a 13 x 17 110 cartridge will have them at a distance slightly superior to 17 mm.

13 x 19 cameras were probably designed to ignore the registration pins, I guess.