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It always comes up. What do you do? I am a photographer. What kind of photography do you do. I am a fine art photographer. Oh you mean you photograph paintings for artists. No I make photographs that are art. Oh. (not convinced)

Or what do you do? I am an artist. Oh what sort of art do you do. I do photography. Oh yes that is sort of an art.

Lately I have been trying this... What do you do? I do art work. Oh what kind of art work? I find interesting objects and then arrange them as a sculpture then I use an old style large camera
and make a very large negative. Then I mix up a photo sensitive solution from platinum and palladium salts and paint it on watercolor paper. Then I put the large negative on the paper and sandwich it between sheets of glass and expose it to the sun. Then I put it in solution that develops an image of the negative and then I put it in baths of Hydrochloric Acid to fix it. So I am kind of a sculptor and kind of a painter and kind of a photographer... oh cool.

I was once introduced at a party by my host who knew I was a Photographer to a woman who he said was also a photographer and that we should have a lot in common, after the usual pleasantrys I asked her what format and type of camera she worked with, to my astonishment she replied " Oh I don't have a camera, I make pictures in my head" , I made a hasty retreat into another room and found my wife.