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Does anyone replenish their Digibase developer?

I usually process 4 or 5 B&W rolls a month, tops, and I would really like to do color at home. In order to make that work, I'm really going to need to get as much longevity out of my chemistry as possible or it just won't be worth it (especially in terms of waste disposal). Would replenishment (Flexicolor replenisher?) be a good solution for long-term use of working-strength C-41 chemistry? What other components might be replenishable?

My #1 goal is to minimize the frequency with which I must dispose of waste chemistry, given a volume of 5-ish rolls per month.
I get 18 months or more out of my C-41 chems. I keep them under the sink in ambient temperatures (60-90* f).

Keep the air squeezed out of your color developer. The bleach and fix last much, much longer than the color developer.