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Every single McDonalds franchisee?
Actually McD's has many suppliers but a common gathering and distribution system. There's a lot more than one ranch providing them Kanga.. oops, horse.. oops again, oh yeah beef, that's what I meant.

My guess is that since Kodak isn't selling the production of film they are also not selling the trademark for or the formula and instructions on how to make Tri-X or Portra or ...

That puts Kodak in the position of being the only "ranch" capable of supplying the "beef".

No thanks, I'll pass on that bit of wishful business dreaming.

But if Kodak sells all the formulas, rights to manufacture, trademarks, etc... and the new company can say hire Ilford to make Tri-X and Fujifilm to make Portra if they please, then we're back closer to reality.