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Itīs a coincidence.

The products presented now at Photokina are products which we prepared for the past half year and they are not (and canīt be) a reaction to the situation at Fotokemikas.
Silvermax is a special film based on an APX 100 emulsion but with a silver rhicher coating.
It uses an Agfa stock of clear triacetate base just like our first coating of PAN 400 did. This helped keeping the price within reason.
We have enough film for about 5 years. After this material is sold making such a film again will probably become very expensive.

This is a very good special film. I hope you will like it all.
This is not our replacement product for any CHS films and was never intended to be such.
No one knew in advance what would happen at Fotokemikas.

i'd love to try it. may i presume it uses standard developers such as d-76? If so, put me down for a brick so I can give it a good test.