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...what makes you say it is on its way out?...I have seen B&H do this before with items that were not really discontinued.
B&H, as well as other retailers, frequently list an item as "discontinued" when manufacturers terminate the SKU even though they're going to introduce the same product in different packaging, which will carry a different SKU. For example, single rolls of 120 Acros were discontinued, but 5-packs subsequently filled the distribution pipeline and became "new" products in the retailers' on-line listings, even though exactly the same film is involved.

In this case, I suspect that Champion, having been stiffed for quite a substantial sum by Kodak's Chapter 11 filing, is either not interested in or wants substantially more money (to cover losses and/or risk) to continue manufacturing chemistry for Kodak. If Kodak successfully contracts with one or more replacement chemistry suppliers, it might change the size, packaging or some other aspect of XTOL that would result in a different SKU.

Alternatively, perhaps all the XTOL bashing has driven volume down enough that Kodak really is discontinuing the product. If that's the case, my cache of 40 5-liter packages will be sufficient for the next 20 years. Should I still be around and kicking after that, there's always scratch-mixed D-76H to go with my freezer-stored 320TXP.