Thank you, but I'd like a large format print size as 11"x14", not as motion picture film or 35mm side film.
I'm interested in large format transparency. I know that it is for display for advertising mainly and unpopular for photographer historically.
Dufaycolor process using clear support developed Autochrome was completely forgotten since Chromogenic print using paper was invented.
But what device does everyone see many photos by using now? I think it is LCD with PC and smart phone. Image in LCD is transparency!
Everyone never dislike a transparency. I believe that unpopularity for photographer is for not available large flat light at a low price and user-friendly.
A flat light technology is making rapid advances. LED flat light have become popular in the past several years.
We may get a flexible light like paper of organic EL years later.
I'm disappointed that there is not large format clear photographic film even as there is a bunch of large flat light.