It is of no consequence in terms of aesthetics, as there are bigger problems. Politely, she needs to take a few steps back and accept the scene the way the photographer found it, without artifice or fuss, just as it was, even though it is far from a perfect "this is Venice" representation. The rope is not a major distracting element and of the photograph, however, the photograph itself fails because the blue tarps detract from the old-world feel of Venice; the tarps would be enough to send me in the opposite direction — they are quite bland and unserviceable. Compositionallly the scene is congested and confused, with conflicting angles, undefined central area of interest and a displaced subject in the way of the lamp, which to me is something that just does not fit into the image. That's my version. I would not want it changed from the way the image has been recorded, just composition given more precision of thought. His record of Greece is perhaps the most defining of his works, if a repeating theme among millions who have photographed the same subjects.