I've just developed two rolls of Ilford PanF+ 35mm (expired in 2008) and stored in freezer most of the times (-18C).
I've used R09 one shot (1:50 for 11min), Tetenal Indicet (1:20) and Tetenal odourless fixer (1:5).
I've used deionised water for all steps except the washing in which I've used tap water treated by a 5micron acquarium dirt and sand reduction filter.
I've treated them with Tetenal Mirasol antistatic (1:400) and hung them to dry in a shower after having made a lot of steam inside the bathroom.
I always handle the film with latex gloves and store the negatives in pergamine sleeves.
Looking at the emulsion side at an angle, with a loupe (actually a 50mm lens) on a light table I see many very tiny circular spots all of the same sizes, even on the clear base in the space between frames.
What is that?
I'm unable to post examples because they're not visible with the naked eye nor I was able to scan these pinholes (?).
The curious fact is that if I look at these spots at an angle I see them translucent (almost clear) while if I look at them perpendicular to the emulsion plane I see them black.