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If you look at the old BW movies, sometimes women are lit softer and soft filters are used on lenses. Men are lit more in a specular fashion. I'm talking about Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman films. The cultural bias is that men have chiseled features and women are soft are curvy. Tell me if I'm full of it.
I perfectly agree. Normally woman were rendered with lower contrast, a softer light, and a diffuser in front of the lens (or nylon thighs in extreme cases). Men were rendered with higher contrast and harsher light so as to accentuate the "corners" of eyes and jaw, beard, wrinkles etc.

Another common trick: woman were framed from above, and men from below. In "Humphrey Bogart - Ingrid Bergman" films this happens quite often.

In this case thought the added "contrast" works actually as a hint of makeup (red lips, eye shadow) and IMO it is this "hint" of make-up which can influence the vision, rather than the contrast in itself.