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I think it's worse than that, those many you speak of seem to be making that product without an artistic starting point.

One of the best critisisms I ever got was when I was showing a print of an old truck in front of a old building in a local tourist town to the group at a seminar.

I had gone to that town for a very specific shot then afterwords went wandering looking for grab shots. The shot in question was one of the grab shots. It was well exposed, decently printed, fairly well composed.

The critique came as a question. Paraphrased here, "what were you trying to express here?"

I couldn't answer the question.
That probably comes under the heading of "taking a photograph" or "making a photograph".

It's probably related to the difference between a snapshot and a photograph.

And it comes down to the "intent" of the photographer. Were they just out snapping or were they out trying to say something with their photography.

Probably even the best photographer, on occasion, will "take" a photograph just because it's a pretty picture.

The difference between them, and a snapshooter, is that they know the craft of photography and have the ability to "make" a photography when they want to.