Maybe I am a pessimist, but basically this is not a usable camera as offered due to the missing pin alone. Regardless of how simple or not simple the repair is, the next owner is still looking at a repair.

Plus, it sounds like the lens does not pass the 'is it clean and clear at first glance' test. What do you see if you shine a light through it from behind with the shutter open on B? Is it a veritable garden of detritus? It may not be fair, but any buyer is going to perform this test. If the lens does not pass muster in the backlight test then your pool of potential buyers will really dry up. If grungy, it can probably be cleaned up by a competent professional but again you are looking at a repair. Plus there is risk that it does not clean up 100%.

Does 'shutter seems snappy' mean that it runs well by ear at all speeds including one second? Or is it hanging or sluggish at the longer speeds? A little additional information would help there. If draggy at low speeds, my finding is that potential buyers are not going to say, 'Oh well, I will only use it at fast speeds'. They are going to say, 'I don't trust this shutter; it needs a CLA'.

My basic sense is that this is a tired old camera and any buyer will need to factor a trip to the repair person into the purchasing equation. That will add up to somewhere north of $100 depending on the mechanic. And the uncertain lens condition discounts further. So my sense is that the numbers quoted so far in this thread are quite rich. If your buyer friend is not knowledgeable, or has sentimental attachment, (s)he may willingly pay too much for it but I would not expect as much from informed buyers made fully aware of the condition that it appears to be in.

All of this is based on a handful of low resolution photos and a casual description, so please take with grain of salt.