About a year ago I picked-up the following 8x10 system for about $1,400US:

Toyo 810G in excellent condition with a new bellows, extension rail and A&S case.
Gitzo G1500 tripod and G1575M head.
360mm Schneider Symmer-S lens in mint condition.
Copal 3 lens board
BTZS 8x10 focusing cloth (my 4x5 Toyo cloth was too small)
5 new Fidelity Elite film holders (Unbelievable purchase from Calumet).
8x10 film holder case from Quality Camera.
Acrilic GG protector and 1 locking device from Toyo repair (missing from camera and I had to pay a local camera repairman to replace a rivet).

I'll admit the stars were truly aligned when I bought the above system but... it can happen!