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In Steichen's time, photographers were very concerned with how they fit in with the broader arts. He wrote in "A Life in Photography" about the old German painter, Richard Lorence who volunteered to criticise their work. The best he would say of a photograph was ""Well that's a good one. It would make a fine painting."

Now I see much narcissism and ignorance of all art in digital photography and the social networking framework that it feeds.

But I am glad you bring up people like Nadav Kander to remind me there is good work being done.

I am sure Steichen would have appreciated and exhibited his work in the Museum of Modern Art.
There was certainly a wrestling within modernism and pictorialism of "should we/shouldn't we?" It was very much a time of testing the water, gaining the respect of the traditional art world and establishing photography's place and true virtues. I think today photographers are more at ease with the idea of referencing art, as the water has settled and photography has gained more recognition.