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Exactly my point.
I don't want to come off narcissistic. Sure I want to know what to call myself. And I know right now I won't call myself a "fine art" photographer.

I am sure, markbarendt, you only have a few record shots where you don't know what motivated you. Did you forget to "turn something on" inside? Or maybe your subconscious holds the key.

If you were to compare some of my duds to a grilled steak, I'd sometimes deserve criticism like "that meat was sure chewy" (to quote young Austen G, dinner guest).

But usually I try to feel something, anything, as I take the shot and again when I print it. Last night I wasn't feeling it so I didn't even turn on the water.

So I practice the art - I can safely say that.

The others who "make" their photographs or work off concrete concepts - I can safely say they are miles ahead of me in the "fine art" arena. And I am comforted by those miles.

batwister, I'm digesting your thoughts. Chewy, but tasty!... When I think of street photography today, I don't rule out composition. Cliveh is showing us that photographers can organize a scene into a photograph. Steichen was saying that kind of thing in the article, that a photograph is just a record until it is organized. Then it comes alive.