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hey there gavin -- so what made you switch back to film? Those three prints are really cool, by the way.
Where do I start, well first off I'm not a digital basher because I know there will be a time when I re-invest in the digital side again. If were to pull the first thought on why it would be my mental state of wanting to step back and slow everything down a little, closely followed by wanting to create everything in-house. Having just one supplier for all the darkroom consumables makes the whole process simpler for me too. So long as I'm stocked up the only thing that will stop me is electrical failure, not a hard drive, usb cable, incorrect profiling yada yada yada... If I cock up a piece of paper or get the incorrect exposure I can laugh at myself where as electrical appliances normally fly through the nearest window, two printers, a toaster and a tv set so far. The TV I forgot to unplug.

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Really like your prints especially the third one. Some of the best I've seen on this forum. Congrats.
Gerald I have to admit a mistake with presenting these images, because I meant to show what my subject interest is I used digitally taken files so my apologies, I never meant to mislead.

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But you need to dump that 5x4 and get a 4x5.
No. I reserve the right to be a reprobate!

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So you're on here as well now!!

We have already met!!
Indeed! We really should organise an island meet for film users Steve, something casual that involves a pint glass.
Hope all is well?

Thank you to everyone for your welcomes and kind words. I feel a little rude for not answering everyone individually but I want you to know that I appreciate such kind words.

Thank you.