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On Cinematography.com, cinematographer John Holland comments:
"the story about Fuji is very true",
"'Seriously John? You have reliable word on this?' Yes very reliable , Fuji arnt going to say anything for a few weeks ."
"'Yes, but are they simply going to shut down the film plant, or are they going to sell it?' Far as i know its closed or closing the plant ."

On cml-film mailing list (cinematography.net), Kevin Phelan, Head of Post Production of LipSync Post comments as follows: "Yes it is true : Fuji cease making stock by December 31 st : all remaining stock in the UK will go to storage in Holland"
I happen to be in the film industry.

while it's highly likely fuji is done, you site quotes from a third party, not fuji. While I'm familiar with cinematography.com, I've never heard of John or Lipsync post. Are these well-known reputable sources? It's kinda like saying "I heard over on apug that kodak sold their film business".