Frotog and Poisson, you are not alone in your assessment of his talents. Where he really outdoes nearly everybody else is in public relations, marketing, salesmanship, and hustle. He was a very successful business executive before he quit to go full time as a photographer. He sells seminars, group photography tours, and puts on a pretty impressive narrated show with live musicians. Whenever I go to an art show or gallery, I try to chat up the photogs and learn as much as I can. He gave me a lot of pretty good advice on a couple of occasions 4-5 years ago when I was completely clueless about how to get serious with the hobby. But somehow every time I talked to him, it ended up costing me $100. And he was smooth enough to make me think it was my idea. I get the impression that he is disliked by the other photographers in this market because they feel their stuff is better, but he outsells most of them. And he ain't living check to check.