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Well, I read Simon Galley's post there and he reiterated some of what I said. As for Dr5's post, I could not see it clearly in the pictures. In a transparency, this would be a white spot, not a black spot.

My only thought is to use a prewet.

Infact in Dr5 images there are tiny white spots in the sky areas.
It seems this is (or better was) a relatively common problem with PanF+ in recent years, admitted by Ilford itself.
The OP on that thread (Michael W) said that finally Ilford acknowledge it was a film problem but didn't managed to find out why. They sent Michael some new PanF+ rolls (exp date 2014) that he developed with no problem.
I'm waiting to get in touch with Simon at Ilford to send them the negatives.

One thing is sure: I cannot afford to pay 5,6 for a roll that is hit-or-miss. I wouldn't want this to be the right time to switch to digital and never look back...