Well, well, is there a difference? I have used Rodenstock from 28mm to 300mm, a few Nikons 50, 63 and 80mm. The odd Schneider.
There are quite a few different types of Rodenstck lenses for different purposes like the Apo's the G lenses.
Out of my experience is that the 63mm Nikon lens is better than any Rodenstock 50mm lens for 35mm film unless you go big, real big then you need a Rodenstock G lens. Personaly I also prefer a 80mm Nikon over a Rodenstock.
Often I do believe we see what we want to see when it comes to different lenses.
It could also be that since you used a 80mm for a 35mm film you only used the center of the lens which is always sharper and more brilliant than the edges of a lens.