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...are these adjustments that you're talking about are easy to get at? and do you know the function of each? and you can really get to the photocell and measure its resistance? Most cameras to do this would require quite a bit of disassembly.
Indeed disassembly is required, a service manual is often the best way to go, usable found in PDF format online the more popular the camera/meter is. I do know the function of each, it can be seen on the link provided as almost all old meters based on CDS/Photocells/Photo-resistors work the same way, the only thing that changes is the values of the components and maybe extra components for custom fancy readings.

Like most pointed out, its best to check if the metering is wrong first . Even then it could be the battery, some unclean contacts that hinder the connection to the battery or even a dirty meter window that wont let light through. Prisms usually get dirty and will set readings off.

If someone is doing film photography developing and printing learning a bit about this wont hurt either :P.