" ... it is amazing what you can see, just by looking ..." Composition is that which draws attention to your subject and simplifies out that which needs much less attention. It is so often a change from -as-found- to how-I-arranged-it. It is often a camera angle, a choice of foreground prominance or how light frames. It is arguably the most important thing we can develop in ourselves. It is also often the most difficult thing to manipulate. It is also personal - my own/your own style. There are certainly lots of good templates out there but the Mona Lisa pose with paramount lighting can easily fade into the wall paper. The great photographs I remember are not classic compositions necessarily. I have taken courses where my compositions were measured against the norms and (like commercial photography - I created what they wanted) The originals are the ones that said what I wanted to say. Composition is like a rope you throw around the viewers eys to drag them to see what you want to show them and tell them what you think of it. It can be as dramatic as an explosion or as compelling as a wisper. I think it is that boreing middle ground we are best to avoid.