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I happen to be in the film industry.

while it's highly likely fuji is done, you site quotes from a third party, not fuji. While I'm familiar with cinematography.com, I've never heard of John or Lipsync post. Are these well-known reputable sources? It's kinda like saying "I heard over on apug that kodak sold their film business".
Yes, you are correct, technically these are nothing but rumors as well, if just given by people who claim to have real sources. However, my little experience of the film industry here in Finland is that this kind of big things are known if they are going to really happen. That's because the connections within the industry are close and the amount of money in this business is so enormous. Take for example the post production plants, which might be exploring whether or not they should repair the telecine unit or upgrade to a better one. Or the machinery used to print digital intermediary on film? Usually some people know other people who do know, but who cannot confirm anything in public.

So yes, technically it is nothing but a rumor. But in my experience it's also quite rare for some people to come up with their own names and claim some rumor to be "very true" on some public forum they have been active for years unless they do have somewhat trustworthy sources.

But we'll see.