Dear Alessandro,

You need to examine the films to see what the true issue is, usually under an electron microscope:

If you return it to me at teh Mobberley address I will ensure it goes under our normal QC procedure.

I have already explained that this produces 1 of three verdicts :

1) Justified : A problem with the manufacturing of the film exists.
2) Cause Not Certain : We cannot find what the issue is ( rare ).
3) Not justified : The film is not at fault.

As I always say, never say never, but a justified film QC is an incredibly rare event.
We have no problem with PAN F+ whatseover and it is in full production as it always has been and has zero QC's outstanding against any batch as of 10.15 UK time today.

I have seen various reports of 'black spots' if we did have an issue we would withdraw the film from sale, we have no such issue.

I have also seen pre-wetting put forward as an issue. We have never recommended pre-wetting as neccesary on modern emulsions, in saying that 'normal' pre-wetting would not affect the performance of any of our films and is a perfectly acceptable photo procedure done by many.

I have also seen 'freezing' put forward as in issue. We have seen issues with frozen film, but not that would affect the emulsion in this manner, its usually condensation as film is used before it is properly thawed out.

Emulsion defects are vary,vary rare due to our QC procedures, each coated parent roll* has many samples taken from coating to finishing each are exposed and processed, the last test ( apart from random out of sequence audits ) being the first, middle and last film from every final slitting finished into film. Our in line infra red would find virtually any emulsion issue....

* Every single parent roll of film or paper does have some coating faults, or base induced faults, and that goes for any coater, these are identified by the QC procedures including IR and are marked on something called the roll ticket ( a computerised map of the mill reel from start to finish ) and then cut out of the parent roll during finishing, this cut QC waste is then sent for silver recovery.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology LImited :