I do love the Pentacon Six system. I think those who claim to forget about it, is either because

a) they want this wonderful system to remain cheap


b) they have never used the system extensively, or if they have, they did it wrong, hence the bad experience.

Buy a trustable camera from a reputed seller, and you won't regret it. Afraid of overlapping? Make sure to load the camera correctly. Need MLU? You can have it installed on your camera. Need a wide angle? The gorgeous CZJ Flektogon 50/4 is available, and there are russian made lenses even wider, with tilt and/or shift... Need a tele and the great Sonnar 180/2.8 is not long enough for you? You can go up to 1000mm, not practical but available. Choice of finders, the system is still easily serviceable, CZJ lenses, bigger neg size... without spending the cash needed for a Pentax 7 or a Mamiya 7II.

Why turn down an excellent system without even giving it a try?