hi dear

are you saying the album covers that will be distributed will have a hand printed image on them
or the mock-up that will be sent to the printer will be made using a model consisting of a hand coated
cover ?

if it is the first ... i would worry a little bit of the emulsion getting damaged unless it is coated with something
( not sure what though ) maybe a urethane clear coat ?
if it is the second one, i don't think you will have much trouble using the emulsion.
make sure your paper/cardboard or whatever you will be printing on can withstand being washed
and put through the chemistry. some papers are more rigid than others ...
if you have problems getting the emulsion to adhere to the card stock or materials you are printing on
make a sub layer of gelatin that might help. i did that recently ( a few months ago ) with emulsion
that was old and degraded and "having trouble" ... it worked fine ..

using liquid emulsions is a lot of fun. if you really want to get deep into it, you could make a film interpositive
and print onto a glass internegative, using your emulsion, and then contact print the glass plate onto your cover stock

lots of fun

good luck !