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I have failed, for years now, to understand why having a lens that gives off a crazy weird effect in the corners is actually desirable. I still don't get it. While some of it looks pretty cool in some pictures, more often I find it incredibly distracting and it actually prevents me from appreciating the picture, and most often I just don't care. But maybe I can now at least appreciate how folks reason about it, and that helps me shake some of my prejudice.
I used to think the same but seeing some superb work made with Holgas, various alternative processes, wet plate etc made me have a rethink, although I can't see how I'd use some of them myself.

So while I have a Petxval to try and some ideas I can't see at the moment how I might use a lens like this to produce a body of work. I do however think that using a lens like this might lead to greater understanding. I do still experiment even after 40+ years making images, always have done, it's about pushing boundaries etc.