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I used to think the same but seeing some superb work made with Holgas, various alternative processes, wet plate etc made me have a rethink, although I can't see how I'd use some of them myself.

So while I have a Petxval to try and some ideas I can't see at the moment how I might use a lens like this to produce a body of work. I do however think that using a lens like this might lead to greater understanding. I do still experiment even after 40+ years making images, always have done, it's about pushing boundaries etc.

Pushing boundaries... Sure, why not? I have used a Holga extensively, and have a lens that you could call 'funky' on the 5x7, and the 50mm Summitar for the Leica that does do some things wide open that I'm still unsure about. For me though, this hasn't pushed any boundaries.

The Holga was more of a relief thing, where it was nice to not carry a light meter, set distance approximiately, and simply just wing it all along. The lens for the 5x7, well it was inexpensive, so I continue using it. The Summitar - I usually shoot it at f/4 of smaller, and only use it wide open up close for portraits, mostly because I like the depth of field at that aperture, and disregard what goes on in the background... To me it just isn't important to break new grounds with new lenses or equipment. It's just about finding something that works for me, and then continue using it, and simply just try to get better at photographing what I want to convey, and to show that well in the print.

In ten years, I might be the one exploring new lenses. Who knows?