Thanks again Bob for the response.
I'll admit that this is my first foray into the darkroom...
I felt last night I was more careful with the tongs but I'll make sure of it next time.
I guess I'll move the print to the side wall then use my fingers. It's just that snatch point makes me rush... ;-)
Yes, I read all about the snatch point being different from you and Thomas so I was prepared.
I did have some time with LD20 that allowed me to see what y'all were talking about and feel comfortable with it.

Last night when the bath was 'out there' I switched to fomatone and it didn't suffer from the same splotchy illness.
However, I realize it's a different paper and I can't really go by it.
I think the layer (or whatever you call it) of MGWT that makes that snatch different is what is causing the weirdness (reaction).
If you look at the first attachment in the first post it looks like a residual layer that just doesn't clear off. It's partially 'eaten' away but can't finish.
When I first used the paper, I thought this was the part of the snatch y'all were talking about because it looks like something that would clear in the fix, but that wasn't the case....

I still think there is something weird about that powdered arista that is another issue compounding this one...

I ordered some semi-matte and some more LD20. I'll be extremely sterile and give it another go.
I like warm tones I'm getting with the paper. I do want a bit more grain and therefore was hoping to experiment more with dilutions and exposure time.

Anyway, thanks again for your comments.