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You guys are really funny, trying to counter-attack at all cost, about anything.

Look at what Kodak has become. Now what do you want from me exactly? Like if the abrupt E6 termination wasn't enough you are asking for more?

I said it and I'll say it again: I don't trust kodak. Too many fine products gone, too many management errors. Now what?
What makes the E-6 termination abrupt? The fact that we didn't know they were discontinuing the film before they discontinued the film? IIRC, the Kodak announcement said in March that there was 6 months of stock remaining. Now, look at Adorama's site. They still have E100VS in 135 and 120, and E100G in 120 and 8x10. Kodak knew what sales figures were, and they calculated their discontinuation notices accordingly so that photographers who use that stock have the time to either stock up or test a new stock.

Would you rather have Fuji's discontinuation process? From my experience, it goes a little like this: Photographer: "Hey, this film is out of stock" Fuji: "Oh, yeah, that's been discontinued permanently" At least Kodak gives us some sort of warning.