The one on your flickr link is the one that was published. The one in the original post is un-retouched. Note the wires holding up the easels and painting, the stand under the step-stool and the hands of an assistant holding the chair. These were taken out on a retouching table or by airbrush for the final image and it was cropped to remove any trace of another person in the room The painting behind Dali was added at the same time. Still pretty amazing. I'm glad I wasn't the guy who had to round up those cats and throw them again, after even two times, let alone 25 or so. You can see one of them gets pretty wet in this take.

The eyeball in that shot was from a pig. We studied it in school when talking about how the viewer will connect what happens in a scene with what happens just before and just after- the human need to impose a story-line draws us to see cause and effect in two different shots. It gave me the willies then and it still does.