I find the Nikon 80/4 to be a very nice lens for 35mm at least one stop down (there's focus shift
from max aperture). That's because I'm just using the center of the lens. But it would be a relatively
poor choice for the 6X6 format it is nominally marketed for, due to poor resolution toward the edges.
It's the economy version and not as well corrected at the six-element 5.6 lens. But for true med format enlarging I actually use a 150 Apo Rodagon, which does a remarkable job, as does purportedly
the 105 equivalent (wish I had one of those too). For 4x5 I use a 180 Rodagon or 240 Apo Nikkor,
depending, and once in awhile the 150 Apo Rodagon if I need a wider max aperture at expense to
eveness of illumination. Each has its own personality, and sometimes too much MTF becomes a bad
thing because every tiny scritch, scratch, or ding on a negative will be printed as well.