Impressive, very impressive pictures in this collection, full of all the horror and humanity of those was situations.

It's sad that what we will be left with of modern wars will only be propaganda speeches and tamed interviews. If there's a lesson to be learned by any war, it is a lesson that images like these can teach very well.

Some questions:

In pictures 47 and 37 Faas seems to be carrying a Leica with a Visoflex and a tele lens. Did a Visoflex allow focusing at infinite? Wouldn't it be used only for macro? I was surprised to see such a combination. Ah, little Google search, it seems that Leica produced some tele lenses specifically for use with the Visoflex: Leica M mount, focusing normally through a Visoflex.

In picture 63, what is it that Faas is using? It looks like a Contarex with a 135 and a makeshift lens hood (Not the Bullseye).