I won't speak for anyone specific, but if you read over on the Large Format Forum, there are a number of photographers there who regularly hike into the backcountry toting 4x5, 5x7, and even larger cameras, sometimes for a week or more at a time. So it's entirely do-able. It all depends on your devotion to your endeavour and your philosophical outlook on the exercise. To some folks, being out in the wilderness and camping is half the fun, and if they come back without having exposed a single negative, they still had a good time. So it's all a matter of perspective. Personally I tend to subscribe more to the Edward Weston if-it's-too-far-from-the-car-it's-not-worth-photographing school, but I'm willing to expand that to if-it's-too-far-from-the-well-marked-trail-it's-not-worth-photographing. But if I were to go camping off-trail, I would bring a camera.