Ok, stop the presses. The price is indeed $180/kg.

I am still communicating to get the specifics (like shipping, etc.), but this seems like a really great opportunity to get this stuff at an unprecedented price. I think that at this price it should be possible to find enough interest for several kg's. I mean, I too would would consider buying one for myself, and I suspect more might feel the same way. It should be noted that there is only a quantity of 60 kg or so total, and that this represents a previous manufacturing run. The industry demand is different now and subsequent production would be on a smaller scale and thus, more expensive. This is what I was told.

So, we need to do some organizing here methinks. Greg, Kees, anybody else, are you guys in? Why don't we convene through email and start a chain to figure out some of the specifics. Logistically, this shouldn't be too difficult, but a concerted effort is probably necessary. I would greatly appreciate any help, and could definitely use it! There are a number of things to consider, like enticing others, handling the money, handling the product and shipping. Sandy King has done group buys in the past and he might be someone to consult on this; not to mention he might be interested in this diazo compound. Alternatively, the Photo Formulary might be interested (and better suited) to brokering this deal, so to speak.

Let's make it happen!