I have this 'feeling' in my head but can't quite put my finger on what makes it like that.
Having created many more prints I think part of it is in the shadows. I don't want deep cold blacks.
I want speckly, warm shadows. I think there is a fine line there....I don't want it to looked fogged or washed out but prominent.
I think the link to that gallery in the post above had some good examples of it. I have noticed that I even like the greenish blacks.
I guess the 'look' I'm trying to achieve is stippled, greenish, warm shadows and warmish ochre, raw umberish highlights....
Sheesh, sounds like a description from a fashion show or something ;-)
If I can kick up the grain in the shadows (just enough) I think I can accomplish this with MGWT.
I did like fomabrom but it's just too much grain for this particular look I trying to create.