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I know! I will consider myself lucky if I do. But I thought if there is anywhere I want to try my luck, APUG is it! I am hoping that there are some folks out here who might like to see this wonderful film get used rather than rotting in the freezer/refrigerator. Slim chance, but who knows!

I just souped a 120 roll of Agfa APX 100, expired in 2005 in Rodinal 1:25 and I was floored by the results. I just want to go back in time when this film was available.
I don't believe I have any of the APX100 left in 120 (35, I have some but am not selling) and I guard my remaining 120 APX100 and APX25 with a big gnarly Doberman. I even have a few rolls of Agfapan 25 still though not much of that either. I think if you do find some it will be at a minimum $10 a roll and maybe more....