Zsas - no, compression is related to how one develops the film to obtain lower overall contrast. But
doing so with most films will simply result in a loss to perceptible contrast in the shadows and midtones, unless one is resorting to something like platinum printing. If you give ordinary development
to a typical film like FP4, for example, for an extremely contrasty scene, it means little to have a certain amt of information at the extremes if it becomes almost impossible to print them by ordinary
means. Tabular versus traditional grain has nothing to do with this. TMYT400 is a tabular grain film
with a very long straight line way down into the low shadows, Delta 100 is not (being mainly a mid to
high value film with a long toe versus a straight line in the lower section). I'm not implying that one
of these films is "better" than another. It's nice to have a real selection. But extreme contrast scenes present a particular set of problems.