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If you look through the galleries and when you find images of photographers you will see that an ample belly is a bit of the norm. That and beards.
No beard yet but I can guarantee that as soon as I resemble a bulldog chewing a wasp I'll be getting one.

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You're amongst friends here, and your shots are looking great, seems like you have a pretty good relation with the light!!
Thank you Felinik. Love your image of the ladies leg in twisted leggings. Straight away I could feel the whole scene, I could even hear music.

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Always room for a fatty -- which where I live does not refer to a person, but to an ample-sized tube of paper-wrapped illegal vegetable matter.
I have no idea what you are reefering to but it sounds like madness.

Must make posts elsewhere or this greeting is going to get out of hand.

Thank you all.