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Around the Keswick area in Cumbria before the end of the month hopefully.
The Lake District can be great in September, it can also be a real crap shoot with the weather - Been there a few times around this time of year and have had high winds, heavy rain, ice & snow (on the hill tops), and glorious sunshine. If it advice you seek, then I would suggest:

  • Pack light - A 45l pack is more than enough for a week or more.
  • Get a titanium spork - Every gramme counts, so start with the basics.
  • Cut the handle off your toothbrush - See above.
  • If your tent weighs more than the camera, get a smaller tent or a bigger camera.
  • Get a decent map and compass - Mobile phones are no substitute

My last camping trip was to Ambleside - Took the MPP 5x4, bivvy bag, and a sleeping bag for a week long trip. Despite several tents getting trashed in high winds down at Rydal Hall, I survived unscathed and bagged a few goo shots