Apart from the Air conditioning on the car, The fidge Freezer and the Dishwasher ALL packing up on the same weekend, (6th May 2005), I went to use my FM2. I carefully took it out of the case, set up the shot and with the MD12 attached, depressed the button and a super shot of kids playing football (soccer to you Americans) and whhhr, nothing happened. The power button was left on and when I removed it, I tried to use the built in light meter in the camera and nothing, de nada, zilch. I thought "marvellous, what else could go wrong"? :rolleyes:

I rang a camera repair centre who were willing for me to give them 75 to have the camera repaired. at this moment in time, I have a bit of a cash flow problem, (there is no cash flowing) so I can't buy another battery for the camera to try out. Could the MD12 drain the cell battery within the camera or has the light meter just given up the ghost? I brought the Camera on Ebay and has been marvellous for the last two years. (love it to bits). If I do have to get the camera repaired, is ti worth it or should I look for another bargain on Ebay? I need help, please!