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MTF is measured as actual on Zeiss but with Canikon its predicted mtf. Also sometimes its necessary to do a units conversion on mtf charts to compare, Zeiss uses a measure that is more critical then Canikon and Canikon use a unit count that is more shall we say ...generous.

The lens cap is utter crap, its so bad you must buy a Nikon pinch cap the same day you buy the zeiss and put the Zeiss cap in the box for resale (that'll never happen).

The zf35/2 betters the Canon 35L

Biting sharp and at f2.

Floating front element for correction at mfd

Of the Zeiss the 35/2 is regarded as the best to focus, focus just pops in. 1.4 is a bit trickier for focus.

1.4 is a king of bokeh lens for the Zeiss, I'm not so much a bokeh tog. The f2 has a stunning bokeh as well.

Aperture ring works fine but its narrow and too close to the camera body. You dont notice it much but I wish they gave a bit more thought.

If anyone is buying just one Zeiss, its always the 35/2 that gets the consensus

All still performing well on the D800 where many of the Nikkors are falling away.

some more zf35/2 pics...

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