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I only use Zeiss, on a D700 and now an F100.

Many of us chose not to move from the /2 to the /1.4, very different lenses and more than a simple matter of speed. The 35/1.4 and the 25/1.4 stand quite differently from the others and we see them as another family.

Your "needs" description is absolutely the 35/2 ...absolutely no doubt.
The 1.4 didn't give us a lens worth upgrading to and instead its a very different render. The /2 excels in subject isolation where it produces a 3D effect, the feature of the 1.4 is the fine detail it produces. This description I've given is vague I know but means everything.

The 1.4 has been very difficult to use for applications like street and seems to be more a landscape lens.
The detail it produces is something else but its transition between subject and surrounds is very gentle and somehow too gentle for street.

The zf35/2 was my 1st zeiss along with the ....zf28/2 (because I couldn't decide between the two).


Ive since sold the 28. Anyways I went and bought more and the poor 35 has sat in my bag as I've bought

..the 100/2


...then the 21/2.8


and the 50Makro-Planar

I love 35/2 but its only now I've taken it out of the bag again and its giving me some really good stuff...

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and plenty more on my site.
Its a bit of money to spend so come visit us at the FredMirands alt forums

Hope I helped but absolutely get the zf35/2, its the lens that dragged us all into buying more of them
Wow....that is wow...