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It's difficult to know what you mean by contrasty, but if it's the high contrast look of, say, 1960s fashion photography or some branches of reportage, the process may have more to do with the look than the lens. Nikon lenses were recognised as among the most high contrast glass available - it was a form of criticism by Leica fans - and were often the lens of choice for the types of photography I've described.

If you already own Nikon glass, I don't think you'll get more of it from Contax. I suggest you might want to look closer at film choices, development and printing or digital post processing.

Well the interest in contrastsy shots for me started whe I fumbled up the hc110 dilution and got very contrastsy negs. After I fixed that problem, I then developed at the correct dilution and noticed everything felt flat, or boring. So I instead modified my process by 30%, it's not the sweet spot, sometimes it I over do it. I'm still trying to find the correct percentage.

I'm trying to find a way to produce consistent results but I see what you mean that it's the process rather than the lens itself.