There are several 6x9 technical cameras with viewfinder or viewfinder+rangefinder that will fit the bill, but you should know that you can't use the viewfinder and also use movements at the same time - the viewfinders are fixed, and there's no way to see the effects of the movements. It's strictly GG for that.

FWIW, I have a VH-R. The obvious use for the viewfinder is together with the rangefinder, to make pictures without using the GG and without having to swap the roll holder with the GG panel. But I've also found it helpful for making pictures at dusk, when the light is fading rapidly and the GG image is too dim to be able to see the whole image clearly even with a focusing hood. I'll do a spot check of focus on the GG, then use the optical finder for final adjustment of the composition.

Beside the VH-R and its predecessors (Horseman ER-1, 985, 980, 970, etc.), the various models of the 2x3 Technika are the obvious alternative. A 2x3 Graphic or Busch Pressman could also work, but with those you can't have the rangefinder adjusted for more than one focal length at a time, and recalibrating is not something you can do on the fly. Also, movements are more limited than with the Horseman and Linhof technical cameras.